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geek_wars's Journal

Geek Wars
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Welcome to the main event!

Geek Wars is a community for the hardcore
geeks in us all. This is the place to come to
for answers to life's most boggeling
question of all...

Who would win in a fight?

Obi Wan from "Star Wars" or Goku from "Dragon
Ball Z"?

Socrates or Steven Spielburg?

John Melloncamp or Jonny Bravo?

Whatever your match up, regardless of how odd or improbable as it may seem, this is the place to ask your question and get your answer!

Of course, there's always a catch...
Yup, the boring part...


1) First off no flaming people. This isn't the place to go if all you're looking to do is start a fight. This is a place for fun and silly debates. Nothing said or done here should be taken seriously. It's all for fun

2) There shouldn't be any offensive postings or comments. However, it seems that lately it's getting harder and harder not to offend anybody. These days most people are off3ended by anything and everything, so just try and use your best judgement when wording stuff.

3) I could care less if you use obcenities, just don't direct them at anyone in particular. See Rules 1 & 2 above.

4) Don't promote your community here ok? This isn't community promo.

5) No pics please. If you absolutely have to post a pic make sure to use the lj-cut tag. Same thing goes for the posting of online test results. I'd prefer if you did it someplace else, but if you absolutely must share them here, use the cut tag. (ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY IS ALLOWED! You want to post naked pictures, they have diffrent communities for that. Don't do it here. There will be penalties!)

6) Most importantly of all. Use your imaginations and have fun!